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PowerDolphin water drone

PowerVision is launching the world’s first multi-functional water drone. Equipped with a 220° dual-joint rotation camera, the PowerDolphin can capture 4K Ultra-High-Definition footage. The camera can rotate 70° above water and 150° below the water, sending real-time 1080 pixel footage wirelessly to your phone through the Vision+ app, with a maximum transmission distance of 1000m. The drone includes adjustable front lights to capture stunning illuminated photography in various water conditions. The integrated PowerSeeker detects fish within a range of 40m and travels by waypoint to the perfect fishing spot, utilising the built-in sonar GPS to plot the ocean floor. It will tow hooks, lure fish, release bait and capture fish at a distance of up to 1000m. Once the fish takes the bait, the PowerDolphin will automatically drag itself back to the controller.  The PowerDolphin can travel at a speed of 5m per second. A helpful technology for Australia’s lifesavers, PowerDolphin’s robust design and 3 speed gears enables it to tow and remotely release lifejackets, lifebuoys and other rescue equipment.

Price: SRP $1299

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