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Penn Conflict II

The runner-up for Best Combo at the 2017 AFTA Show was the Penn Conflict II and Regiment II. Incorporating a lightweight yet strong RR30 (Rigid Resin) body and rotor, the Conflict II can withstand the high pressures that braided lines and powerful fish generate, while being light enough to comfortably cast all day. Housed with the RR30 body are seven stainless steel bearings and a computer-controlled CNC gear technology system where pinion, drive and oscillation gears are individually machined to exact tolerances. HT100 carbon fibre drag washers provide smooth and consistent drag pressure under high pressure and heat. There are four models covering a wide range of inshore applications, such as snapper on plastics through to casting metals at pelagics. Gear ratios range from 6.2:1 on the 2500 model to 5.6:1 with 90cm of line retrieve on the 5000. Maximum drags start at 5.5kg in the smaller models to 11kg on the largest. Penn Regiment II rods are a new generation of super light but powerful 5-piece travel rods. With a long tip and short butt, these lightweight, low diameter, fast action blanks are fitted with special Fuji intermediate rings for the perfect compression curve. Other features include: SLS3 blank construction; BCRLTSG guides; aluminium reel seat; and Cordura Tube. There are three models, all 2.1m long, ranging from 10-50lb.

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