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    Unique Yamashita Eginno Pyonpyon

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    Anybody who enjoys squid fishing, whether it is an obsession or an occasional flirtation, would or should know the Yamashita brand of squid jigs. Yamashita’s innovation is second to none, and the jigs in their various iterations are available at an affordable price. I have accumulated a significant collection of Yamashita jigs over the years. It…

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    McLaughlin’s Advanced Formula Berley

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    McLaughlin’s Bait and Berley have been producing quality bait and berley products since the late 1940s. During this time they have constantly worked to further improve the range and quality of the items they produce. In 2018 they introduced their latest innovation – the Advanced Formula range of berleys, which builds upon the success of…

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    It’s a Daiwa J-Braid Grand life

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    Last year I was lucky enough to be sent a Daiwa Tatula baitcasting rod and reel combo to have a play with, and inside the box was a spool of the original J-Braid x4 line to fill it with. For a 4-ply braid which was certainly at the lower end of retail pricing in tackle…

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    Tested: Hyped by the TD Hyper range

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    Although I simply love fishing, I have to admit that I have become a little obsessed by the humble flathead. I blame the team here at Fishing Monthly when I arrived. They caught a lot of them and it was pretty tough not to get involved when most trips involved being connected to lots of…

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    Tested: New Siglon PE braid from Sunline

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    The purchase of braided line should be seen as an investment. It might not be quite as long-term as a rod and reel set-up, but usually longer than a many lures, and certainly any terminal tackle. It’s for this reason that, despite my not being particularly moneyed at this stage in my life, I always look…

Latest Products

  • Lures

    Mimix Poppersaurus

    Beautifully designed both in look and action, the Poppersaurus is definitely the ultimate lifelike popper that produces a loud popping sound on the water surface. The Poppersaurus lure was designed and 100% hand-painted with great details to imitate a T-rex dinosaur. It’s equipped with two sharp and strong treble hooks that make every single Poppersaurus…

  • Accessories

    Spiderwire Stealth Code Red and Glow Vis braid

    A line that has long been known as a quiet, smooth and sensitive braid, Spiderwire Stealth is now even tougher. Whether the fishing calls for flicking hard bodies at snags, hopping plastics over structure or firing out long searching casts, Stealth is up to the challenge. Spiderwire Stealth features Teflon-coated microfibers for smooth casting. Made…

  • Accessories

    Marine Town Mega Flow Exhaust Outlet

    These highly polished, 316 marine grade stainless steel exhaust outlets from Marine Town provide excellent protection against water intrusion. Each outlet incorporates an integral, pivoting 316 grade stainless steel flapper valve which is specially designed to inhibit water intrusion back into the exhaust system. To ensure engine exhaust water has minimal contact with the hull…

  • Lures

    Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada

    Last year the 45mm Cover Cicada became a favourite with many bass fisherman, and now building on that success comes the release of a small version. The Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada is 35mm in length and weighs 3.5g. This soft bodied cicada imitation is completely weedless, soft and supple, yet tough as well. It’s…

  • Rods

    Daiwa Black Label baitcaster

    Few rod series match Black Label when it comes to delivering premier performance at an affordable price. They’re light, powerful and designed and built for ultimate strength, precision and performance. Drawing a Blank Angling perfection starts on the top shelf with Daiwa’s HVF graphite the foundation for the Black Label’s impressive blank range. HVF (High…

  • Accessories

    Old Town Predator XL kayak

    The Old Town Predator XL combines a Minn Kota motor and foot-controlled rudder system to give you truly hands-free fishing, so now you can move and cast at every piece of structure without taking your hands off the rod to reposition your boat. Incorporating all the pioneering features of the original Predator, including the Element…

  • Lures

    ZMan 2.5” Slim SwimZ

    The ZMan 3” MinnowZ is a versatile, deadly and popular 3” paddle tail that has accounted for many species in Australian waters. Anglers told the ZMan team they wanted a paddle tail that had a shorter, slimmer profile, with the benefits of ElaZtech (10X Tough, super-soft and flexible realistic feel and built-in buoyancy for maximum…

  • Boating

    Savage’s 305 Punt

    Savage’s 305 Punt is every outdoor enthusiast’s best friend. The perfect size to take away on all your holidays and camping trips, this little boat will provide you with hours of on-water fun. The flat design and lightweight 42kg hull makes the 305 Punt the perfect car topper for your 4WD and is easy to…

  • Accessories

    Daiichi Seiko Line Recycler

    You’ll never need to pay for line spooling again – now you can do it yourself with Daiichi Seiko’s superior quality Single Shaft Fishing Line Recycler available from Reeling in the new line and replacing line on an empty spool is simple and easy with the recycler. It has a 3.5 times faster high-speed…

  • Reels

    Shimano Rarenium CI4

    The use of CI4+ (carbon interfused with polyamide) in the rotor and body of the new generation Rarenium CI4+FB spin reel series cuts down on weight without compromising strength, delivering better performance and greater comfort. Features include X-Ship (a double bearing supported pinion gear and a larger cold-forged drive gear), and Floating Shaft II for…

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