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    Tested: Hyped by the TD Hyper range

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    Although I simply love fishing, I have to admit that I have become a little obsessed by the humble flathead. I blame the team here at Fishing Monthly when I arrived. They caught a lot of them and it was pretty tough not to get involved when most trips involved being connected to lots of…

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    Tested: New Siglon PE braid from Sunline

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    The purchase of braided line should be seen as an investment. It might not be quite as long-term as a rod and reel set-up, but usually longer than a many lures, and certainly any terminal tackle. It’s for this reason that, despite my not being particularly moneyed at this stage in my life, I always look…

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    Feature: Mako – I can see clearly now

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    As we grow towards middle age certain changes become apparent in our everyday lives. Groaning when we bend down, being irritable about new technology and the lack of ability to see things clearly when close to us becomes part of everyday life. History has not been kind to baby booming anglers; as our sight diminishes…

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    TESTED: Halco Madeye soft plastics tick all the boxes

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    Australian lure company Halco has been manufacturing lures in Western Australian since 1950. Their range of products include iconic lures like the RMG Scorpion, Halco Laser Pro, Twisty and many more. There would be a Halco lure in most keen anglers’ tackle boxes. After many years of being at the forefront of hardbody lure design, Halco…

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    Tested: SoftGaff AccuMat – the ultimate in accuracy

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    In today’s world of outstretched arms, clever camera angles and noses that grow like the fabled puppet Pinocchio, a brag mat has become more important than ever before when recording your catches, checking for a PB and, most importantly, making sure your fish is bigger than your fishing buddy’s! That’s why we were so excited…

Latest Products

  • Accessories

    iON Adventure

    The iON Adventure shares several features with the Air Pro range, but has some key differences which make it better suited to anglers. While it shares the non-housed design (which means no fogging) and tripod mount with the Air Pro, the Adventure comes equipped with a single button instead of the slide design of the…

  • Accessories

    Shimano CM-1000 Sport

    The specifications of Shimano’s light and compact CM-1000 Sport Camera are impressive: full HD resolution, 10m underwater with no housing, 135° or super wide 180° viewing angle options, and an F2.0 lens perfect for low light conditions. The battery takes less than four hours to charge, and it runs for two hours. What’s more, it’s…

  • Tackle

    Contour ROAM2

    The ContourROAM2 is touted as being the easiest-to-use camera on the market. With a quick slide of the ‘On & Record’ switch you’re filming your favourite adventures in crystal clear 1080p HD video. The Instant On-Record switch means there is no standby mode, so the battery is only in use when shooting, giving you more…

  • Accessories

    Contour +2

    Taking their most coveted attributes from the ContourROAM and the original Contour+, Contour’s top camera is packed with features, easier to use, and brings an entirely new perspective to your adventures. Featuring even better video quality, an Instant On-Record switch, and a 60m waterproof case for those underwater adventures, the Contour+2 will bring your fishing…

  • Accessories

    GoPro Hero 3+

    One of the original choices for a fishing cam, the GoPro has come a long way since the clunky original version. Now 20% smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Hero 3+ delivers improved image quality and features geared for versatility and convenience. The new Super View mode is super-wide angle while Auto Low Light intelligently…

  • Accessories

    Sony Action Cam

    Distributed in the fishing industry by the same company that blazed the trail for GoPro (Lusty Industries), the Sony Action Cam is cool piece of kit. The basic kit comes with a HD Sony Action Cam, a Waterproof case (to 5m), a Live-View remote that you wear around your wrist and some mounts to get…

  • Accessories

    Viva Mighty Midget rod stand

    The Mighty Midget is an entirely new concept in rod stands. The ‘trick’ with this unit is that it sits below knee height. When assembled it becomes obvious that rod racks have always been made too high. Once you have seen this unit and placed rods in it, you are left scratching your head wondering…

  • Reels

    Shimano Aernos FB

    Shimano’s new Aernos FB spin reels are certainly a cut above their predecessors. The compact XGT7 body (a Shimano exclusive material that’s 200% stronger than ordinary graphite) has delivered a substantial weight saving, which is complemented by the compact body design. There are five reels in the range — a 1000FB, a 2500FB, a 3000FB,…

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