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Night Prowler light bar

Night Prowler’s LED light bars, which fit onto the front of your vehicle or the side of your caravan, are as durable and rugged as the terrain you’ll be exploring. The 20” Night Prowler 120W model is no exception and features three beam options: Spot Beam, Flood Beam and Combo Beam. Spot Beam’s concentrated light pattern is narrow (10°) but long, making it ideal for long distance highway driving. Flood Beam has a wide 45° light pattern that’s shorter in reach but lights up a lot more space on the track in front of you rather than into the distance. This setting is suitable for low range 4×4 driving and frequent off-road use. Combo Beam uses both the 10° Spot and 45° Flood to provide a great all round LED light pattern. It’s perfect for illuminating campsites. The 20” Night Prowler is waterproof and made from reinforced aluminium, with an LED lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

Price: RRP $299

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