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New Suzuki outboard range

The Haines Group, distributors of Suzuki outboards, announce the arrival of the sleek, new 2017 range of outboard models to the Australian market. The  range have been given a sophisticated and stylish overhaul. Aside from the popular Cool White option, the new range is now available in Pearl Nebular Black, which is inlayed with blue micro-metal flakes which absorb light and sparkle in the sun. As well as the colour update, the new models also feature renewed graphics with decals that provide a more modern and polished look. Suzuki’s drive by wire series (DF150AP, DF175AP, DF200AP, DF250AP, DF300AP), are distinguished by 3D monochromatic graphics and a solid emblem. National Marketing Manager, Mr Sean Allen, says the range still offers the same features and innovations Suzuki is known for. “Our award winning products provide more value with unique features, such as Lean Burn fuel technology, offset driveshaft and maintenance-free timing chains, just to name a few,” said Mr Allen.

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