New Strike Pro Hummers

The new Strike Pro Hummer 65 and 75 are bigger versions of the ever popular Strike Pro Hummer 45 lure that has become a favourite with estuarine anglers. The Hummer is a plastic vibe that is perfectly weight balanced to allow the lure to sit on the bottom perfectly on its lip. It has a superb action on the drop and lift. The Hummer also has two top tow points so you can change the lure’s action. The front tow point is better for cast retrieving and produces a tighter, faster shimmy, while the rear tow point is better for vertical jigging and produces a slower wobble. The Hummer 65 is 6.5cm long and weighs 13.6g, and is effective on a range of species such as bass, yellowbelly, mulloway, mangrove jacks and flathead. The Hummer 75 is 7.5cm long and weighs 21.8g, and it’s dynamite on species such as Murray cod, yellowbelly, barramundi and snapper. Both lures come with quality Owner trebles and are available in eight colours.

Price: SRP $16.99

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