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New Rapala 3X colour

Rapala has added a new colour to the Shadow Rap 3X range: ROL (live roach). It’s available in the 3X, 3X Deep, Shad 3X and Shad 3X Deep models. The 11cm suspending Shadow Rap 3X makes tight turns when twitched, turns to look back and then settles to a head down position with a quiver before starting a slow fade-away dive on the pause. It can be fished almost in place with short twitches. The 3X Deep version dives to 1.8m, and is ideal for a slow moving dying minnow presentation. It can be fished with little forward movement, yet a lot of side-to-side action. With a fast twitch followed by slack line, it turns almost 180° before settling with a flicker to a dying dive. The 9cm Shad 3X swims with the infamous horizontal struggle with a vertical rise on the pause, mimicking a baitfish in trouble. The versatile Shad 3X Deep model can be fished finesse or aggressively, matching the mood of the fish.

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