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Mustad 10881 Jigging Single and TG77 3x Treble

Two of the latest releases from Mustad are the 10881 Jigging Single and Mustad TG77 3x Treble. The Jigging Single is a super strong, super sharp hook designed for jig fishers. Featuring a large eye for ease of connection, it has a short shank and a wickedly sharp UltraPoint hook point that is up to 30% stronger than traditional chemically sharpened hooks. Available in sizes from 1/0-11/0, the Jigging Single can be used to make assist rigs, or you can use them back-to-back on large lures like poppers and stickbaits, tied together with cable ties. The TG77 3x Jawlock Triple Grip Treble features an opti-angle, chemically sharpened needle point for ultimate hook-ups and connections that never let you down. Designed with a standard shaft length and a three extra strong build, these trebles are perfect for retrofitting lures. The build is Nor-tempered for 30% more strength, and the specialised wide bend means that when the hook point bites in, the fish stays hooked.


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