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New Laser Pro 190XDD bib

Do you want to troll fast and deep but on line classes that still allow you to enjoy the fight, rather than drag it in on heavy gear? Halco have the answer: the new Laser Pro 190XDD Crazy Deep bib, which trolls faster and is far more stable than its predecessor, while reducing the amount of drag required to hold the lure in place. The new 6m+ diver has been trolled to 13kt in calm conditions but it’s the rough, choppy stuff that can get most lures into trouble. Troll at anything like normal bibbed trolling lure speeds in these conditions and the new Laser Pro 190XDD will eat it up. It has already racked up some impressive captures including XOS tuna, wahoo and mackerel. “We had the bib regularly hitting bottom in 6.5m of water during testing on a 50lb outfit with 80lb leader,” said Halco MD Ben Patrick. “You can run it on 10kg line at 6-8kt in just about any conditions that you are likely to fish, and have very few issues.”

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