New Frogs from Searing

Quality tackle distributor Searing has launched two new frog imitations: the Damiki Air Frog and the Fish Arrow Still Frog. The 4” Damiki Air Frog features two hollow air chambers in its arms that act as floats. The self-righting design will always allow the frog to sit on its belly ready for a strike. A hook slit combined with two large paddle tails incorporated into the legs will allow this frog to be fished in open water or the thickest of cover. It’s ideal for barra, sooties, Murray cod and XOS bass. The Still Frog, created by Japanese lure company Fish Arrow, is a 65mm long weedless lure with a cupped popper face. Its extremely soft body allows for high hook-up rates. It is also slightly weighted in the tail to help get over cover easier as well as to maximise the hook-up rate. The hooks are super sharp and strong for barra and cod. It weighs 3/4oz and comes in four colours.

Price: RRP $12.99 (Air), $19.99 (Still)


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