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New Egilicious models

Tackle Tactics have teamed up with their Pro Anglers to create a stack of new colours, including foil and glow patterns, in the Fish Inc. Egilicious range of squid jigs. TTs has also added Fast Sink models in the 3.0 and 3.5 sizes, which during testing proved priceless when fishing deeper water, faster currents and when drifting and fishing in windy conditions.  The popularity of Egilicious jigs is due to their affordable price, quality, durable tight cloth, super-sticky Japanese Owner squid hooks, a buoyant tail for a natural stand-up presentation, and a tail angle designed a few degrees higher to reduce snagging and fouling. The addition of 15 new colours has the nation covered, with the Pro Team already proving the worth of colours such as bleeding belly, bleeding black, red rack, fluoro green, fluoro orange, neo glow (glow), blue beans (glow) and hot pink (glow). This brings the total number of colours to 27.

Price: SRP $11.95-$12.95

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