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New Dolphin LED lantern

Dolphin Eveready has introduced its brightest ever floating torch. The new Dolphin LED lantern features new technology, ergonomic design with rubber grip, and four powerful LEDs offering 200 lumens of light output, meaning it shines twice as bright compared to the previous model. Over the past 49 years, more than 20 million Dolphin torches have been sold in Australia and New Zealand. These reliable and durable torches are ideal for a multitude of situations, including a wide range of outdoor and work activities. This floating torch maintains the brand’s core features of being tough, impact resistant and waterproof. The high quality LEDs deliver a light output of 200 lumens, with a beam distance of 250m, as well as a wider beam width. It also features improved battery efficiency, with 65 hours runtime. The contoured base allows the torch to easily stand upright, and the anti-roll shape of the torch is ideal when in rough situations.

Price: RRP $19.99

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