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If your family is into boats, they’re going to love the latest gear from Mercury. The merchandise range includes T-shirts, a jacket, caps, stubby holders, key rings, stickers… there’s even a bar fridge! One product that is particularly popular is the Mercury outboard engine cover. Mercury outboards have been carefully crafted to perform brilliantly and to have great visual appeal, so a specially fitted, Mercury-branded cover will help you maintain your boat’s overall appearance long-term. To help protect your investment from the sun and salt, Mercury gives you three options. The first is a Splash Cover, which is vented so it can be left on while the motor is operating, or when trailering. The second is a Full Cover, which covers the motor from top to bottom so it can be used for trailering or for engine storage. Finally, you have the Combo Cover which provides the best of both worlds – a Full Cover which can be unzipped into a Splash Cover. Check out these and other cool gear on the Mercury website.

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