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Mercury 3.0L 150-270hp diesels

Mercury has released a new line of 3.0L diesel engines for sterndrive, inboard and water-jet applications. Available in 150hp, 230hp and 270hp, these engines have been engineered to lead their class in several key attributes: acceleration; reliability; ease of installation and maintenance; and reduction in noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). “Mercury already has a class-leading diesel portfolio, and these engines add to that with their impressive low-end torque and exceptional durability,” said Reinhard Burk, Mercury’s Senior Director, Global Inboard and Sterndrive Categories. Features include: a new water-cooled, variable-geometry turbocharger and common-rail fuel delivery to provide exceptional performance and substantial improvements in acceleration and top speeds; compliance with tougher diesel emission standards; compatibility with Mercury SmartCraft technologies, and Mercury’s Joystick Piloting for Inboards (JPI) and Sterndrives (JPS); and a new factory-backed limited 3-year Recreational Warranty with an additional 2 years on selected major components. A Light Duty Commercial Warranty provides protection for 1 Year or 1500 hours.

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