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Mazu update for Axiom

Mazu has added powerful new functionality to its app available on Raymarine Axiom MFDs through Lighthouse Apps. Raymarine Axiom users who have mazu’s m2500 satellite system can now view ROFFS (Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service) fishing forecast hotspots using the mazu app on the MFD. Users also get offshore access to up-to-date sea state data including sea surface temperature, chlorophyll, altimetry and currents. The app also has a new, streamlined user interface. ROFFS provides a variety of the high-resolution satellite-derived fishing oceanographic analyses customised for anglers. These analyses are specialised for pelagics like tuna, marlin, wahoo, dolphinfish, sailfish, swordfish, sharks and more. ROFFS professional oceanographers analyse multiple real-time oceanographic datasets including but not limited to ocean currents, SST, clarity, ocean colour/chlorophyll, plankton, frontal boundaries, species habitat of targeted fish, and bottom structure to guide users to the most productive waters for a successful fishing trip. This data is integrated into hotspot locations detailed on an oceanographic map and a comprehensive text description that is easy to understand and use.

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