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Lumica UFO Deepwater Lights

Lumica Japan are the developers and inventors of the chemical light stick, and have now developed an excellent range of LED Deepwater Lights for anglers targeting fish at great depths. The UFO version is the top-of-the-range model in Lumica’s leading contingent of Deepwater Lights. The UFO is depth tested to an impressive 1200m and is pressure rated to 85kg. The UFO comes in three different versions. The first version is the Multi, which offers five different light functions. Simply turning it at the base can change it from green to blue to red to multi-strobe, in two different flash functions. The UV and Blue models offer three different light functions so you can change your colour schemes or strobe functions to your own desired effect on each of the models. The UFO requires 1 x AA alkaline battery. The Deepwater Lights will be highly effective for anglers targeting swordfish, hapuka, trevalla, Tasmanian trumpeter and all deepwater species, helping to attract their attention and bring them to your baits.

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