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Lucky Craft Sammy Bug 100

Following on from the success of the Sammy Bug 75 wakebait, Lucky Craft has released a larger version: the Sammy Bug 100. Sammy Bugs feature a unique adaptation that generates attention-grabbing topwater action. At the front, the Lucky Craft Sammy Bug features a large-cupped mouth that slaps against the surface, creating a prominent splash and an attention-grabbing acoustic. The large cupped mouth also rests loosely against the bait, clacking and knocking against the body, generating additional strike-inducing sound. At the rear, the Sammy Bug 100 is fitted with a super-bright prop, which adds even more splash and creates a bubble trail. It measures 4” and weighs 1 1/8oz and, as you’d expect from a Lucky Craft lure, it has a premium finish with a detailed scaling pattern.

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