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Lowrance FishHunter

The Lowrance FishHunter castable fishfinder is designed for anglers fishing from the shore or a kayak. It sends real-time sonar data via WiFi to view on your smartphone or tablet, and doesn’t require a cellular or internet connection. FishHunter Pro features a tri-frequency transducer, offering four ways to view sonar data including Fish (fish symbols), Raw (arches), Bathymetric and Ice Fishing Flasher views. You can troll it behind a boat to create bathymetric maps. Incorporating five tri-frequency transducers, FishHunter 3D offers five functional views including 3D Fishing and Ice Fishing Flasher, as well as a Directional Casting View that pinpoints fish depth and location relative to the transducer. FishHunter 3D can be trolled to create bathymetric or structure maps. FishHunter’s antenna ensures constant WiFi connectivity for the highest signal range. FishHunter Pro provides a 150ft depth and 160ft WiFi range, and FishHunter 3D offers a 160ft depth and a 200ft WiFi range. The rechargeable battery lasts for 10 hours of active use.

Price: SRP $173.90-$218.90

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