Kraken Half Nude Egi

Finally, an answer to the argument of cloth jig vs hard jig! The unique Kraken Half Nude Egi from River2Sea has a cloth back and a fluid-filled belly, giving it the action of a hard jig with the feel of a cloth jig. The fluid that fills the Kraken Half Nude Egi has a couple of benefits. Firstly, it acts as a casting weight, similar to a ball bearing, so the lure casts true. The fluid also contributes to the lure’s action, splashing from side to side and adding a lifelike erratic factor to the jig’s action as you work it. The Kraken is also fitted with ultra-sharp, Japanese barbs to maximise catch rates, and the bulb balanced lead acts like the keel of a yacht, ensuring the lure glides at perfect angles. The Half Nude Egi has two tow points so you can vary the action of the jig, and it’s available in a variety of colours. And as you’d expect from River2Sea, the price is very good value for the quality of the jig.

Price: SRP $19.95

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