Kapten Boat Collars in ‘Tinnie Grey’

Due to popular demand, the new stock of Kapten Boat Collars is ‘tinnie grey,’ to blend in with the bare grey colour of aluminium boats. You can attach the Collars to your small roof-topper right up to cuddy cab sizes. Enjoy the benefits of a stabilizer that works while at rest and underway, only now you can have it the colour of your tinnie. Enjoy a softer and drier ride, and a boat that tracks straight no matter what, all while retaining the good old ‘tinnie’ look. A Facebook comment from Shaun about his 4.93m Clark Abalone with a Collar says it all: “Mate, it smashes through chop, no spray at all, driest centre console I’ve been in. Stability is unbelievable. 3 men on one side, no dramas. My tinnie lives off shore, lol, and I can tell you the Collars saved me more than once!”

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