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Jackall CharaBlade

The new Jackall CharaBlade chatterbait is already getting a lot of attention. Its heavy weight combined with its small profile lets you fish much deeper, and its flashing blade creates maximum appeal. 
These top-end tungsten chatterbaits (Jackall calls them ‘break blades’) have an interchangeable skirt, and their hooks can be removed easily and quickly for different situations, such as weedless rigging. A belly eyelet allows for treble rigging or extra weight. This lure is dynamite when fished around structure or along weed edges using a straight retrieve, and you can really feel the strong vibrations it puts out. Target species include bass, golden perch, Murray cod and more. The CharaBlade is currently available in 10g, 14g, 21g and 35g weights, and the colour range includes red gold, pink gold, iwashi, ikana gold, and glow gold. Jackall recommends fishing it with soft plastic crawfish or paddle-tail, such as the Jackall 5″ Dagger minnow.


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