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Hobie Pet PFD

Why leave your pet at home while you enjoy a day on the water? You can now take your fur friend with you safely and in Hobie style, with the Hobie Pet PFD. Features include added flotation as a swim assist, grab handles, adjustable fit, leash attachment, side pockets, grab handles and soft foam undercarriage support. Happy days for dogs or maybe even cats! The Hobie Pet PFD is available in the following sizing: XS (12lb, 8″-12″ collar, 13″-17″ body girth); S (12lb-24lb, 10″-14″ collar, 15″-21″ body girth); M (24lb-60lb, 13″-19″ collar, 18″-30″ body girth); L (60lb-90lb, 18″-26″ collar, 24″-36″ body girth); XL (90lb-120lb, 22″-30″ collar, 30″-42″ body girth).

Price: SRP $59

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