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Hobie Manual Inflatable Vest

The new 2019 Hobie Manual Inflatable 150 Vest (Yoke) is  rated for offshore use while wearing foul weather clothing. The design is very lightweight and extremely cool. The newly designed collar folds down the back of your neck and shoulders, eliminating pressure on the neck and lower head. The yoke is manually inflated by pulling a small cord that activates the replaceable CO2 cylinder in the side of the vest. The Velcro-secured receptacle allows for easy access to the cylinder for replacement and for servicing, or for additional manual inflation of the PFD after the manual cord has been activated. Features include: 150 rated (40kg plus); comfortable slim multi fit (up to 5XL); mesh yoke back strap (helps prevent the collar riding up the back of your neck); easy access storage pocket (great for keys, phone etc.); whistle; water resistant headphone rubber port hole; 25mm D-ring for switch killer tether; accessory attachment straps; interior pocket; UML Pro Sensor (includes armed status indicator); self service; cylinder re-arm kit; and fishing comp key tag/key tag clip.

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