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HDS Gen3 and Elite-Ti update

Software updates for Lowrance’s HDS Gen3, Elite-5 Ti and 7 Ti displays include significant sonar enhancements, new Navionics functionality and general improvements. Surface Clarity functionality has been significantly enhanced to remove clutter without affecting targets, allowing anglers to reveal fish near the surface without filtering all sonar returns. Live Network Sonar allows HDS Gen3 users to view and control two independent, live sonar sources from a single display (not available in the Elite-Ti). SonarChart Live lets you create 0.5m HD bathymetric maps in real time on HDS Gen3 and Elite-Ti series displays, and Navionics Dock-to-Dock Autorouting creates intelligent, detailed routes for navigating through cramped, narrow channels (both features require a Navionics card with an active chart updates subscription). Plotter Sync lets you easily download the latest Navionics chart data and transfer waypoints and routes between the Navionics app and a mapping card via the wireless connectivity of HDS Gen3 and Elite-Ti displays. Plotter Sync requires a subscription to the Navionics app and a Navionics mapping card with active daily updates. For more information on these features, and other features included in the update, visit the Lowrance website.

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