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Fusion FM Series

Fusion FM Series flush mount marine speakers and subwoofers are engineered to deliver high-quality acoustics. The low-profile, near-flat installation allows for a visually appealing finish never before seen on a marine speaker or subwoofer. Combining optimized speaker drivers with aluminium dome tweeters to produce high-quality audio at any volume, the FM Series is engineered with performance in mind. They also give you the ability to create a 2.1 audio zone. A new mounting system allows for non-intrusive, easy installation. You simply place the unit in the cutout, tighten the screws and the speaker legs will tighten against the panel, keeping it in place without creating any screw holes. The FM Series complies with ISO12216 Annex D1.1 for Areas II, III and IV, due to it’s strength and watertightness. Available in either round or square models and white and black colour options, they come in two sizes, 7.7” 200W and 6.5” 120W. Matching 10” 400W FM Series subwoofers are also available.

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