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AFTA Winner: Fuji-Toki Power Pumps

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Coming in at equal first place in the Best Marine Electronics category is the Power Pump aerator series from Japanese company Fuji-Toki. On display at the AFTA Show were the 1000 and 2000 models. The basic 1000 model is powered by two D-type alkaline batteries, providing approximately 70 hours of continuous operation, with a piston valve pump that delivers 0.6L of air per minute. The Power Pump 1000 comes with a hanging bracket and is IPX5 water resistant. The larger 2000 model provides a powerful oxygen supply of 2.0L of air per minute. It’s fully waterproof (IPX6) and noiseless, thanks to its 3-valve rolling pump. It’s powered by two D-type alkaline batteries, providing roughly 65 hours of continuous operation, and comes with a hanging bracket.

Price: SRP $55 (1000 model), $100 (2000 model)

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