Freeze Dried Bait

The Freeze Dried Bait Company uses the finest fresh bait, sourced from premium sustainability focused suppliers. Using state-of-the-art freeze driers, 98% of moisture is removed while all natural oils and solids remain virtually intact. Packed in heavy duty UV proof bags with nitrogen flushing enables the bait to remain preserved for over 3 years. When it’s time to wet a line the bait is simply rehydrated in fresh or salt water. Rehydration occurs in around six minutes and the result is a slightly rubbery texture. The firmness of rehydrated bait ensures it grips the hook better than most fresh alternatives. Benefits include: no need to keep bait refrigerated or frozen; compact size for storing in glovebox or backpack; 70% lighter than frozen block of bait; and reduced mess and smell. Freeze Dried Bait is available now from selected tackle stores, Big W and online.

Price: from RRP $8.95


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