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ET80 and ET100 Emergency Torches

In any maritime emergency, a reliable and quality-made torch can always lend a hand. The ET80 and ET100 Emergency Torches from GME are constructed from high visibility yellow polycarbonate, so they’re easy enough to find. The ET80 and ET100 are near indestructible, with a buoyant contruction, they have waterproof casing and are multi-function LED torches with a unique ‘Twist to Charge’ functionality. A USB cable (included and stored within the torch body itself) can also charge the torch or other USB devices. On top of all these great features, the ET100 also comes with a can opener, which doubles as a knife, a compass, a whistle and a signal mirror (heliograph). A metal bottle opener is also moulded into the base of the torch on both models. GME’s Emergency Torches are just another simple way of making your marine vessel safer.

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