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Enhanced i-Pilot Spot-Lock

Minn Kota has made significant enhancements to its Spot-Lock electronic GPS anchor.

“We’ve reinvented Spot-Lock to make it the most accurate electronic GPS anchor ever,” said Shaun Clancy, Minn Kota Brand Manager. “Anglers will immediately notice that the reinvented Spot-Lock holds the boat in position with unmatched precision and consistency. When fishing, even in strong wind and current, it’s easy just to Spot-Lock to land fish, change baits, or even take a photo or two. The updated Spot-Lock feature will make boat positioning easier and more precise than ever.”

The new Spot-Lock also features ‘Jog Mode’, which allows anglers to move their current Spot-Lock position 5ft to the left or right, forward or backward, with the simple push of a button. The enhanced Spot-Lock feature comes standard on the new i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link systems, factory-installed on a wide variety of new Bluetooth-enabled bow-mount trolling motors including Ulterra, Terrova and PowerDrive, as well as Riptide Ulterra, Riptide Terrova and Riptide PowerDrive.

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