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Ecooda Inna

The Ecooda Inna diving lure has an erratic jerkbait swimming action, a lifelike digital finish, an internal ball bearing plus a cylindrical metal chamber. The internal cylindrical metal chamber not only helps with the lure’s casting distance and accuracy, but also aids in the twitching and jerkbait motion from side to side. This is enhanced by the internal ball bearing, which sends out a vibration noise, attracting species out of snags and enticing them to strike. The Ecooda Inna comes in two sizes: a 115mm, 23.3g model with a diving depth of 4ft; and a 140mm, 36g model with a diving depth of 5ft. Both sizes are available in three unique colours – slimy, pilchard and blue striped snapper. With 3X VMC hooks and heavy-duty stainless steel split rings, the Inna is extremely durable and hard wearing. It’s ideal for casting off rocks, long distance casting or chasing species like barra while utilizing its great twitching action.

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