Ecogear CK 40F07 colours and hook

The Ecogear CK 40F07 is a range of classic ‘bulbous teardrop’ shaped lures that are synonymous with serious sportfishing. These lures have been designed for fishing in and amongst the shallows and deep in both fresh and salt water. The CK 40F7 is popular with tournament pros targeting bream and bass, and it has contributed to a number of tournament successes since its launch. The compact shape of the CK 40F07 means that it casts like a bullet, and fish love its classic sideways wobble. This dynamic shallow diver weighs 5g, measures 40mm long and is now available in several new colours, expanding the total colour range to 15. It has also been further refined for Australian species with new hooks, front size 10 and back size 12, replacing the original size 8 and size 10 hooks. You can get your hands on the latest version CK 40F07s at your favourite tackle store.

Price: RRP: $18.99

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