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DUO D-Squid 95

One of the most advanced squid jigs in the world is now available here in Australia. The DUO D-Squid eliminates the traditional ‘feather wing’, which causes drag. Removing these wings, along with internalizing the weight in the body, means the D-Squid reaches the bottom at a speedy rate and allows a light yet sharp darting action in the deep zone. In additiona to this, the D-Squid has a body shape which allows the lure to maintain an ideal body position after the darting action. This results in the increase of bites and eliminates the annoying problem of the hook catching the line. There are two body sizes, 95mm (21g) and 105mm (27g). The 95mm and the 105mm will show its true potential at 15m+ and 20m+ respectively. Another great thing about the D-Squid is the colour line-up; you can select from a wide range of proven colours depending on the field conditions and activeness of the squid. With the D-squid, you will easily be able to reach those deep zones and in fast flowing currents never fished before.

Price: SRP $19.99

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