DTD Wounded Fish

DTD, a fantastic producer of fishing equipment from Croatia that specialises in squid jigs has just brought out a new jig for the upcoming season. The Wounded Fish is a powerful squid jig with some superb squid catching characteristics. This product imitates live fishes. It is wrapped with a special strong cloth with realistic a feel and great life-like details. The Wounded Fish look like a weak, slow fish, and makes the product like an easy prey for squid. DTD’s double weight system gives it perfect sinking position and the inner weight produces sound while squid jig is in action. It comes in eight and five sizes: 2.2 (7.5 sec/m); 2.5 (6.5 sec/m); 3.0 (4.5 sec/m); 3.5 (5.0 sec/m); 4.0 (3.8 sec/m). This jig was just presented on EFTTEX in Amsterdam, where it entered Best New Product competition in the hard lures and finished on top amongst squid jigs.

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