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DEPS Silent Killer

Like its DEPS Slide Swimmer cousin, the Japanese-made DEPS Silent Killer oozes quality, durability, and sophistication. With big swimbaits all the rage, the Silent Killer is one of the best you will find in the Australian market, and has proven to be a magnet for Murray cod and big bass.  The Silent Killer is a large profile waking-style bait that makes no mechanical noise, which is great for a more finesse approach around fish that are highly pressured. To make the lure silent, a tough but soft ABS plastic material is moulded around the hard inner body. The exterior material is translucent and the inner body has a metallic scale pattern. This combination gives an awesome look in the water, especially under bright conditions, and also keeps the lure well protected. Predators additionally get a different feel when they strike the lure; it feels soft and sticky, which ensures the lure stays gripped within the mouth after that first hit.   The Silent Killer floats at rest, and with the short square bill it does not dive more than a few feet. The natural action is slow and steady on the surface. It comes in an array of attractive and realistic colour combinations, and in 250mm and 175mm sizes.


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