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DEPS NZ Crawler

The 134mm DEPS NZ Crawler is one of the largest Japanese surface crawlers on the market. The lure’s jointed movement draws big predators from afar, and the distinctive sound can be adjusted via the two screws within the wings or by adjusting the wings themselves. The NZ Crawler can paddle back on a fast retrieve, which gives an almost vertical action on the wings as it goes through its arch, or the retrieve can be slowed right down for greater time within a strike area without compromising the action. The thick resin walls can take a lot of punishment, and DEPS have upgraded the NZ Crawler – along with all models coming into Australia – with larger, sturdier hooks and rings. This lure has been specially designed to entice predators that eat a diverse range of prey such as bats, rats, frogs, birds and lizards. The flash blade not only provides an attractant but also adds to the length of the lure.

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