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Daiwa Swimbaits

The Daiwa Duckfin Live Shad, Hybrid Swimbait, and Live Trout Swimbait have you covered for this year’s swimbait season. The Duckfin Live Shad features a 3D designed, ultra realistic baitfish profile and swimming action, and is available in two sizes, 15cm and 20cm. This soft plastic shad is suited to slow and fast retrieves and presentations, and can be rigged in a host of different ways, including weedless for barra and as a trailer for large spinnerbaits/chatterbaits when targeting Murray cod. The Hybrid Swimbait delivers the best of both worlds and combines diving lure design with soft plastic technologies. Rigged and ready to fish, the Hybrid Swimbait features a solid head, bib and heavy wire internal construction in the head, 5X strong trebles and a quick release stinger hook. It’s available in two sizes, 18cm and 25cm. For those looking for the ultimate imitation, the Live Trout has few peers. Using 3D printing and design to achieve the perfect trout imitation, the Live Trout features a solid silicone body, 3D eyes, pectoral and anal fins for added realism and stability, internal wire construction, quick release stinger hook, and 5X hooks. It’s available in two sizes, 18cm and 25cm.

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