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Daiwa Shore Spartan

Daiwa Shore Spartan lures are designed with a dimpled body that helps you cast further, while their through-wire construction and durable 1.8mm ABS thick plastic bodies ensure ultimate durability. Featuring Owner split rings and hooks, the range features four models, the 140mm Power Splash surface popper, 140mm floating Rough Ride stickbait, and the 120 and 140mm Break Through sinking stickbaits. The small Power Splash cup-face popper is capable of spitting a large amount of water, however it can also be retrieved fast, creating an irresistible bubble trail and enticing wobble. The Rough Ride floating stickbait has a tungsten weight in the tail of the bait, producing the perfect floatation level to create the tantalising dive and ‘S’ wave swimming action. The lures’ dimpled design acts like a golf ball travelling through the air, aiding the lure to track straight and true, and it also aids the bait’s motion subsurface. This design characteristic is most evident with the Break Through sinking stickbait, which can be retrieved ultra fast without breaking the water’s surface – a key trait for targeting high-speed pelagics. The Break Through also features a very low centre of gravity for enhanced performance and tracking.

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