Daiwa DT4601 Treble

The best lures need the best accessories and there are none finer than new performance inspired lure accessories from Daiwa. Advanced in technology, performance and features, these Japanese-designed accessories are the must-have items to take your lure fishing to the next level, and keep your lures performing at their best. One of the latest models to be launched is the DT4601 treble. Strong and rigid in construction, it has a titanium nitride (TiN) coating for unrivalled corrosion resistance and hardness. Featuring a super sharp cutting point for optimum hook set, it’s sharper than most and cuts and penetrates like few others. With a sizing range from 1 through to 10, the DT4601 is the ultimate mid-size treble range. The models are: DT4601 #1 (size 1, 6 per pack), DT4601 #2 (size 2, 6-pack), DT4601 #4 (size 4, 7-pack), DT4601 #6 (size 6, 7-pack),  DT4601#8 (size 8, 7-pack) and the DT4601 #10 (size 10, 7-pack).

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