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JigSkinz are a shrinkable and inexpensive covering designed to help protect the paint on your new lures, or to rejuvenate your old favourites after they have lost their paint. This product can also revamp an old lure that hasn’t caught a fish yet.  JigSkinz work by slipping the new skin over your old lure and placing it in hot water. The moment your lure hits the hot water, the skin shrinks tightly over your lure and you are done! You now have a new lure in your favourite colour. JigSkinz are suitable for a huge range of lure types, including poppers, stickbaits, slugs and slices, knife jigs, micro jigs, blades, jigheads, lipless crankbaits, bibbed minnows and skirted pusher heads.  J.M. Gillies are currently stocking six packs with various colours and patterns, plus a clear skin to help protect your new lures. Patterns include: flying fish, mackerel, mullet, sardine, perch, holographic colours, lumo and more. Visit the JM Gillies website for more info and pics.




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