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Colmic Nustar Surf

In the past switching from a telescopic surfcasting rod to a multi-piece one was pretty traumatic; indeed, the majority of those multi piece rods were too heavy, too stiff and definitely not easy to manage. Starting a few years ago Colmic started developing three-piece surf rods that were lighter and very easy to manage; all of these without affecting the power and the performance of the rods. The new Nustar is the perfect example, and the perfect compromise of power and manoeuvrability. It’s not only performing well, but it also has a very reasonable price: quality ratio for a high-end surf rod. Moreover, it is easy to handle, a joy to use and casting distances of over 150m are within everyone’s reach now. The rod is built on a Pro-Force Double Tape ULAF Toray HMC40-HMC45 carbon blank, it has Original Fuji NT guide rings, LCAH non-slippery coating grip and neoprene long-cast butt, three sections, 4.50m and a casting weight of 100-250g.

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