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Chasebaits Rip Snorter

With so many vibes on the market, the creative team at Chasebaits set out to provide something truly different. After many months in R&D, they have achieved their goal with the world’s first truly weedless vibe. It’s great news for anyone who’s lost a lot of expensive vibes, or who is too afraid to fish them in snaggy country. Designer Grainger Mayfield said it took a long time to get the design exactly right.  “The hook design in particular was very complicated,” he explained. “Even when we had finished the design, it took another eight months to find the right factory to combine the quality, strength and shape that we wanted. It was a great feeling when we finally achieved our goal of creating a fantastic hook that works seamlessly in the lure to make it a true weedless vibe.” An obvious concern with any weedless lure is the hook-up rate, but that’s not an issue with the Rip Snorter. Field testers have been using it deep into snags and rock beds to great effect, catching bass, cod, mangrove jack and more. Its ease of use means that even novice anglers can catch fish. The Rip Snorter is 90mm long, weighs 16g and will be available from October. Keep an eye out for a 12mm version in the coming months.

Price: SRP $17.95

The RIP SNORTER snag tank, showing off the weedless profile of the new RIP SNORTER Weedless Vibe at #afta2018…. who's keen?!#chasebaits #ripsnorter

Posted by Chasebaits Australia on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The RIP SNORTER, a game changer for soft vibes! Weedless with the new SNAPLOCK interchangeable hook system…. check it out!#chasebaits #ripsnorter

Posted by Chasebaits Australia on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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