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Chasebaits 200mm Ultimate Squid

The 150mm Chasebaits Ultimate Squid has taken Australia by storm, catching a huge range of species in both fresh and salt since its 2017 release. Now, in response to angler demand, the Chasebaits team has released a 200mm version for anglers targeting larger offshore species. The larger model has all the same features that made the original such a smash hit – those trademark rippling wings, extended candles that flutter with any movement, contracting tentacles, custom 3D squid eyes, and custom scent. Designer Grainger Mayfield said the new model has been performing very well in field testing. “Naturally it has been catching a variety of pelagics and reef fish,” he said, “but anglers may be surprised to know that it’s also effective on cod and barramundi in the fresh. The Squid may not represent a specific freshwater prey item, but neither do spinnerbaits and it doesn’t deter the fish. As more anglers start changing their mindset, we’ll see a lot more freshwater catches on the Ultimate Squid.” Another new release is a custom jighead called the Ultimate Squid rig, made from ultra high tensile steel. It comes in 21g and 42g versions, has twin 4/0 assist hooks, and makes the Squid falls at a natural 45° angle for the most natural presentation possible. Keep an eye out for both the Ultimate Squid and Ultimate Rig from October.

Price: approx. SRP $13

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