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CFS PE8 Fish Floss – how sweet it is

Wading your way through the multitude of braided fishing lines on the market can be quite a task for any angler. There are products that cover all price points, and price doesn’t always relate to quality. When it comes to choosing a braided line, there are a number of questions to ask yourself before you purchase. I will take you through this process while I test Fish Floss PE8 from Custom Fishing Solutions.

Line Diameter

Line diameter affects a number of things. First, and most importantly, it determines how much line you will be able to get on the spool of your reel. If you need to maximise your line capacity, thinner diameters at higher breaking strains can be your friend. Additionally, if your requirements relate to finesse and minimum visibility, finer diameters allow you to top shot spools rather than fill spools, maximising your dollar spend. Is fine always your friend? I don’t think so. Super fine diameters create their own evils. If you are using fast retrieve ratio spin reels, wind knots are inevitable – and fine lines and wind knots tend to end in disasters. The same can be said with baitcast gear. Backlashes happen, and fine lines reduce the ease in which you can untangle what your lack of thumb control has created. Knot tying is another thing that needs to be considered with fine lines. Many an angler has come unstuck when the knot they have been using for many years just doesn’t work, or gives way at the most inappropriate time.

CFS Fish Floss

Although Fish Floss is marketed as one of the world’s finest and thinnest lines, I would not consider it to be in the super thin category. It is certainly fine for an 8 carrier braid though, and this PE8 construction provides extra strength for its diameter. It also provides the line with a bit of weight, and because of this it lays on your spool better and reduces the wind knot and backlash issues. Even when they occur, they tend to be less terminal than the ones you get with really fine, lightweight lines. Fish Floss is also rounded in construction rather than flat, which reduces the line digging into itself on the spool and helps with castability. It does impact a little on line capacity, but this is far outweighed by the positives that a rounded construction provides, especially if you have not used braid before.

Colour and production quality

Colour is and will remain a big debate amongst anglers. I believe colour relates to the fishing application you are going to use it for. Fishing with lures, particularly soft plastics, is about knowing what your lure is doing, and the braid becomes a strike indicator or a visual guide for this. Bait fishing is less about line colour and more about the low stretch and sensitivity that braided lines offer. I am a firm believer that not all braids are created equal. Production quality can vary from spool to spool, and I have had a couple of cases where a section of a spool of line was brittle to the point where you could break 20lb line between your hands, but couldn’t 10m further into the spool. What made it worse was that I discovered it when a metre-plus barramundi was on the end of the line! CFS Fish Floss is available in hi-vis yellow and green, so you can pick the colour that suits your needs or your preference. The PE fibres are impregnated with a Teflon coating and this has a number of effects, one of which is that it reduces water intrusion into the fibres, which can compromise the colour and the strength of a line. The Teflon also allows the line to run through the rod guides with less friction, to improve castability. I received a spool of each colour to test and there is no question which reel has the hi-vis yellow line on, even after six months of use. It is difficult to test production quality, however it being a 8 carrier braid gave me the peace of mind that I wasn’t going to have any problems with the Fish Floss.

Final thoughts

Custom Fishing Solutions Fish Floss braid comes in 150m and 300m spools in the two colours I have mentioned. Line classes range from 10lb to 50lb in the 150m spools, and 20lb to 50lb in the 300m spools. For the fishing I do and the reels I do it with, Fish Floss ticked the right boxes. The line diameter was fine but not to the point that I had to change the knots I use. Its castability has been what I would expect from a PE8 braid, and in six months of use I have not had any line failures. My preference is the hi-vis yellow colour, as most of my fishing is with lures, and surprisingly the line colour has held up well. Check it out at your local tackle store or go to for more details.

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