• Lures

    Shimano Coltsniper Fall Micro Jigs

    A new development in the world of micro jigging is the Shimano Coltsniper Fall. These jigs, which come in five weights from 21-55g, are beautifully finished off — as Japanese lures traditionally are — with a choice of five colours and eye-catching holographic sheet worked into the finish. They have a falling, fluttering, jerking action,…

  • Reels

    Abu Garcia Revo 3 Beast

    Armed with a 22lb max drag and deeper spool for extra line capacity, the new Abu Garcia Revo Beast will change the way anglers fish. The reel is equipped with oversized, ergonomic handles and EVA power knobs to harness the muscle of this powerful reel. Titanium-coated sideplates provide increased scratch resistance and sleek finish. An…

  • Tackle

    Old Town Predator MX kayak

    The Old Town Predator MX, or Mixed Water, has a rounded hull designed for moving water conditions without sacrificing the Predator’s class leading stability and performance. The MX also features a spacious Exo-Ridge deck, providing the perfect standing platform, room for extra gear or a furry companion. It’s the most compact model in the series,…

  • Rods

    Mexican Fire Cod Raider

    An exciting new addition to Shimano’s comprehensive Raider Mexican Fire rod range for the 2014/15 season is the Cod Raider. As the name suggests, it is tailor-made for chasing Australia’s largest, most iconic freshwater native, the mighty Murray cod. Available in a choice of either one or two-piece configuration, the Cod Raider has been developed…

  • Reels

    Pflueger Patriarch XT spinning reel

    Bream and bass anglers take note, Pflueger takes spinning reels to a higher level of craftsmanship, materials and design with the all new 172g Patriarch XT, the lightest reel in its class. The reel’s body, rotor and sideplate are constructed from a magnesium alloy to keep the reel ultra light. The skeletonized, braid-ready spool is…

  • Accessories

    Osprey Transporter Series Carry All

    Osprey are experts in all things luggage related. It’s easy to see why they’re in a different league from their competitors with their latest range of ‘carry-all’ companions – the Transporter Series. It’s this type of forward thinking that has made the once feared job of hauling luggage incredibly easy, allowing you to get to…

  • Reels

    Daiwa TD Zillion

    The new TD Zillion embraces Daiwa’s newest and most innovative design technologies, TWS and Air Rotation, to set a new agenda in baitcaster brilliance. Headlining the Zillion’s impressive design and performance is Real Four, with Real Engine, Real Control, Real Endurance, and Real Custom delivering unmatched precision, power and performance. An ultra strong, aluminium frame…

  • Lures

    ZMan 5” Pop ShadZ

    The 5” Pop ShadZ surface popper is constructed from Z-Man’s buoyant, 10X Tough, super-soft and flexible, ElaZtech material. With a baitfish shaped profile and cupped face designed to pop and spit water, the Pop ShadZ will appeal to a wide range of surface feeders, including barra, cod, mangrove jack, trevally, tuna, mackerel and more. Unlike…

  • Lures

    Mimix Poppersaurus

    Beautifully designed both in look and action, the Poppersaurus is definitely the ultimate lifelike popper that produces a loud popping sound on the water surface. The Poppersaurus lure was designed and 100% hand-painted with great details to imitate a T-rex dinosaur. It’s equipped with two sharp and strong treble hooks that make every single Poppersaurus…

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