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    Valkein Lures

    One of Japan’s best kept secrets, Valkein, is ready to erupt on Australian market. Establishing a reputation of lethal efficiency in a ultra-competitive Japanese area of trout fishing, Valkein brand is ready to expand its mirco-spoon offering to hardbodied lures, which will surely cause an excitement among the finesse fishing enthusiasts. Choosing to have the…

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    Kuttafurra Mudhoney 75 and 100mm

    Kuttafurra Lures are hand crafted by Aaron Young in Victoria. He is recognised as one of the best of our new age Australian Lure Makers. Recognised for the quality of his workmanship and paintwork, his lures are a must have for any native fish angler, with the Mudhoney 75 and 100 being no exception. The…

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    Westin Swim

    The Swim is a very popular lure of many Scandinavian pro guides due to its cast-ability and its easy use. It cuts through the strongest wind and as soon as the reel starts turning, the unique s-shaped swimming pattern of Westin Swim will trigger fish to strike. When you twitch or jerk it gently, it…

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    Mimix Shockwave

    The Mimix Shockwave buzzbait is the first product designed and produced under the ‘Pro Series’, designed and tested to suit the need for a big bait! The Mimix Shockwave’s shape is uniquely designed to create maximum water splash and a loud buzzing sound. When it’s retrieved, the front part of the Shockwave will be slightly tilted…

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    Mimix Grasshopper

    The Mimix Grasspopper is certainly not like any ordinary popper lure that you’ve ever seen before, realistically designed and hand-painted after the grasshopper, it has best of both worlds, a great look and a great action! To add to the attraction of the great action, the Grasspopper has a special ‘antennae’ attached that makes it…

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    Dragon Maggot

    The Dragon Maggot is the perfect worm imitation with an extremely long, waving tail. We recommend two very effective ways of fishing with Dragon Maggot. The first is the classic, aggressive jigging tachnique on heavy jighead. The lure should be started from the bottom with high speed and then allowed fall down on the straight,…

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    Hybrid Shrimp

    Based on the overwhelming positive response to the Rigged Shrimp released in 2014, the new Hybrid Shrimp is a natural compliment to the Shrimp family. This bait earned its name by merging a hard-lure with soft-lure attributes built into a single design. The Hybrid Shrimp generates additional swimming action through the soft legs that wiggle…

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    TT Lures Vector Micro Jigs

    TT Lures design and manufacture their products in house from start to finish, ensuring a high level of quality and a finished product that stands up to hard hitting and hard fighting Aussie species. This has led to numerous requests for TT Lures micro jigs and in turn the development of the Arrow and Vector…

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    Storm So-Run Heavy Minnow

    The Storm So-Run Heavy Minnow is a weighted casting lure designed to give you the extra distance you require when targeting fish busting bait on the surface or just prospecting by making long casts and covering water. Featuring a heavy-duty internal wire construction and VMC treble hooks, the Storm So-Run Heavy Minnow is equipped for battle…

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    Atomic Hardz Shiner 100

    The Shiner range of lures in 45, 60, 75 and 85mm lengths has been well received since it launched several months ago with anglers chasing everything from bass through to barra finding a home for them in their tackle boxes. For anglers looking for a larger profile, we have now introduced a 100mm version in…

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