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    Fish Arrow 2″ Flash J Shad

    Following on from the successful 3″ Flash J Shad, Searing Tackle, the exclusive importers of Fish Arrow have now released a smaller 2″ version to expand the range of realistic soft plastic lures. Its major characteristic is the swimming shad tail, which when combined with the realistic looks and action of the J Shad, makes…

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    Zman 4” SwimmerZ

    The ZMan 4” SwimmerZ developed a passionate following among anglers chasing mangrove jack, barramundi, mulloway, flathead and more, thanks to its realistic mullet profile, 10X Tough ElaZtech construction and super-soft and flexible, realistic feel that creates an incredible life-like swimming action, even at dead slow retrieve speeds. When ZMan US decided to discontinue their painted…

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    Realis G87 20A

    DUO – The brand known for setting the standard amongst the Japanese lure companies is again raising the bar. Realis G87 20A’s crank development was carefully put in motion by DUO’s R&D team. The need for a crankbait that could truly dive beyond the 20ft mark and accurately reach its target has been deeply desired…

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    Eumer SpinTube NATURAL

    Winner of Best New Terminal Tackle in Efttex 2013, SpinTube NATURAL is a newly launched product for trout, perch and bass. The SpinTube NATURAL is named after the natural colours used in its construction. This lure is particularly suitable for still and fast water fishing. In fast waters, you can fish it near the bottom…

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    Atomic Hardz new colours

    Atomic have introduced a range of new colours across the estuary lure range including surface lures. After extensive testing by the Atomic team, these new lures have been proven in the field and include Silver Wolf and Gold Wolf patterns, which are extremely lifelike. The Silver Wolf gives off an impossibly true blue silver colour…

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    Zerek Chilli Padi

    Micro jigging has been reinvigorated with the arrival of the Zerek Chilli Padi, a tungsten micro jig that gets down deep quick. Ideal for those times when the bite slows or is shut down and a smaller profile baitfish pattern is required, the Chilli Padi from Zerek Innovations has a subtle and enticing action that…

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    Zerek Cavalla

    Casts like a metal, works like a minnow, the Zerek Cavalla is a truly innovative lure that allows anglers to cover every layer of the water column, whether they’re fishing from a boat or from the shore. Super fast-sinking at 45g and designed to target predatory fish with an easy-chomping 115mm, the Zerek Cavalla is…

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    Atomic Hardz Shiner 75 and 85mm mid depths

    The Shiner range of lures has expanded with the addition of two new diving depths in the 75 and 85mm versions, which are perfectly balanced for the 2.0-2.5m depth. This makes them ideal for anglers chasing mangrove jack, barra and even threadfin up north close to the banks over shallow timber. One cast and a…

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    Megabass Magdraft

    The new Megabass Magdraft is a soft plastic lure that features the usual soft plastic body equipped with the revolutionary mag-hold system, which secures the treble hook alongside the belly via an internal magnet. This new system increases hook-up ratios by holding the hook up closer to the lure and not having the hook swinging…

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    Prawnstar GOLD

    Innovation is still alive with Primal Fishing proudly announcing the release of the new improved Prawnstar GOLD that boasts a swag of fish catching enhancements sure to please. With a super tough spliced dacron leader and stainless steel solid ring on the nose, Prawnstar Gold is even easier to flick, rig and fish. Better still,…

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