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    Bomber Long Shot and Wind Cheater

    Two of the Bomber lures released at the 2014 AFTA Tackle Show are the Long Shot and the Wind Cheater. The Long Shot range of Bomber lures are a must have lure for all avid saltwater lure fishers. The Long Shot features a weight exchange system that assists in super-long casts. The body is tough…

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    Strike Pro Slinky Minnow 75

    Juro Oz Pro Tackle has released the new Strike Pro Slinky Minnow 75, a fantastic new surface slide bait that darts and swims like an injured or fleeing baitfish or prawn. It floats at rest with its tail underwater at 45° and can be worked with an erratic swimming action, skipped like a fleeing garfish…

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    Strike Pro Cyber Bait

    Juro Oz Pro Tackle has released a much anticipated new model from Strike Pro, the Cyber Bait. The Cyber Bait is a floating lure that’s 8.5cm long, weighs 9.8g and dives to approx. 12ft. This new lure has an irresistible swaying action and features a Weight Transfer System to eliminate tumbling during casting and increase…

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    Strike Pro Tailgunner

    The Tailgunner is a fantastic little jig from Strike Pro that features an amazing action and a soft plastic tail that pulsates and gives added attraction. Tailgunners have a superb jigging action and finish, and offer a great range of bright and natural baitfish colours. These jigs also feature a front treble hook with a…

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    Shimano Coltsniper Fall Micro Jigs

    A new development in the world of micro jigging is the Shimano Coltsniper Fall. These jigs, which come in five weights from 21-55g, are beautifully finished off — as Japanese lures traditionally are — with a choice of five colours and eye-catching holographic sheet worked into the finish. They have a falling, fluttering, jerking action,…

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    ZMan 5” Pop ShadZ

    The 5” Pop ShadZ surface popper is constructed from Z-Man’s buoyant, 10X Tough, super-soft and flexible, ElaZtech material. With a baitfish shaped profile and cupped face designed to pop and spit water, the Pop ShadZ will appeal to a wide range of surface feeders, including barra, cod, mangrove jack, trevally, tuna, mackerel and more. Unlike…

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    Mimix Poppersaurus

    Beautifully designed both in look and action, the Poppersaurus is definitely the ultimate lifelike popper that produces a loud popping sound on the water surface. The Poppersaurus lure was designed and 100% hand-painted with great details to imitate a T-rex dinosaur. It’s equipped with two sharp and strong treble hooks that make every single Poppersaurus…

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    Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada

    Last year the 45mm Cover Cicada became a favourite with many bass fisherman, and now building on that success comes the release of a small version. The Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada is 35mm in length and weighs 3.5g. This soft bodied cicada imitation is completely weedless, soft and supple, yet tough as well. It’s…

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    ZMan 2.5” Slim SwimZ

    The ZMan 3” MinnowZ is a versatile, deadly and popular 3” paddle tail that has accounted for many species in Australian waters. Anglers told the ZMan team they wanted a paddle tail that had a shorter, slimmer profile, with the benefits of ElaZtech (10X Tough, super-soft and flexible realistic feel and built-in buoyancy for maximum…

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    ZMan 2” CrusteaZ

    Is it a prawn, crab, shrimp, yabby, insect… no it’s the 10X Tough ZMan 2” CrusteaZ. This crustacean imitation will appeal to fish species that eat any of the aforementioned prey and that means almost any fish that swims in our rivers, estuaries and impoundments! Designed with bream in mind, the CrusteaZ will also appeal…

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