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    Dragon Maggot

    The Dragon Maggot is the perfect worm imitation with an extremely long, waving tail. We recommend two very effective ways of fishing with Dragon Maggot. The first is the classic, aggressive jigging tachnique on heavy jighead. The lure should be started from the bottom with high speed and then allowed fall down on the straight,…

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    Hybrid Shrimp

    Based on the overwhelming positive response to the Rigged Shrimp released in 2014, the new Hybrid Shrimp is a natural compliment to the Shrimp family. This bait earned its name by merging a hard-lure with soft-lure attributes built into a single design. The Hybrid Shrimp generates additional swimming action through the soft legs that wiggle…

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    TT Lures Vector Micro Jigs

    TT Lures design and manufacture their products in house from start to finish, ensuring a high level of quality and a finished product that stands up to hard hitting and hard fighting Aussie species. This has led to numerous requests for TT Lures micro jigs and in turn the development of the Arrow and Vector…

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    Storm So-Run Heavy Minnow

    The Storm So-Run Heavy Minnow is a weighted casting lure designed to give you the extra distance you require when targeting fish busting bait on the surface or just prospecting by making long casts and covering water. Featuring a heavy-duty internal wire construction and VMC treble hooks, the Storm So-Run Heavy Minnow is equipped for battle…

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    Atomic Hardz Shiner 100

    The Shiner range of lures in 45, 60, 75 and 85mm lengths has been well received since it launched several months ago with anglers chasing everything from bass through to barra finding a home for them in their tackle boxes. For anglers looking for a larger profile, we have now introduced a 100mm version in…

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    Ecooda Mini Crank

    If you’re a dedicated lure angler, you can’t pass up the Ecooda Mini Crank. This lure is nailing some of the fattest, thickest, meanest species in the water. Not only are the colours insane, the zipping and darting action will pull the most elusive fish out of the shadows. Ecooda Mini Crank has been created…

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    TTs Arrow Micro Jigs

    The design of the TT Lures Arrow Jig is based on an arrow squid, complete with a quality silicone skirt for added realism and movement. Balanced for casting and designed for vertical jigging, the Arrow Jig is a versatile presentation. Its skirt creates a seductive horizontal sink and triggers strikes on the drop, coming to…

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    Maria Fla-Pen

    I’ve always been a sucker for lures that are a little ‘different’. Decades ago I used to have to acquire them as I travelled overseas – Japanese, South African and American tackle stores were endless sources of enjoyment. Nowadays, there’s a lot of great stuff available domestically. I can walk into my local tackle store…

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    DUO Realis Shinmushi

    DUO International has released another outstanding topwater lure called the DUO Realis Grade A Shinmushi. Measuring 40mm long and weighing 5.7g, its name is Japanese for ‘ultimate bug’ and this lure certainly lives up to its name. For starters, it can be customised. You just use your fingers to unscrew the eyelet from the underbelly,…

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    Westin Platypus

    The famous ‘Westin Roll’, a unique rolling movement and swimming action, is a trademark of Westin. This rolling action is found on several Westin lures and has an almost magical effect on big predators that seems to ignore other lures. After 32 prototypes and countless hours of testing and adjusting lure designer Allan Christensen created…

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