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    ZMan midnight oil colour

    Following a heap of angler feedback and suggestions, comes one of the most exciting new colours in Z-Man’s range of plastics. There are two colours that consistently win bream tournaments, bloodworm and motor oil, and these colours appeal to different patterns in fish behaviour. These two colours have been combined to give that attractive and subtle translucency…

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    Zerek Stream X

    The Zerek Stream X is a beautifully crafted minnow lure that swims with an exaggerated beat to attract predators. At 6.5cm long, the Stream X is an easy casting 8g and sinks at rest, allowing anglers to work this minnow in tight country where trout, redfin and bass reside. But don’t think this lure is only suitable…

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    Chasebaits Rip Snorter

    With so many vibes on the market, the creative team at Chasebaits set out to provide something truly different. After many months in R&D, they have achieved their goal with the world’s first truly weedless vibe. It’s great news for anyone who’s lost a lot of expensive vibes, or who is too afraid to fish…

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    Bluewater HC Stickbait

    The new HC Stickbait from the JM Gillies Bluewater stable is built tough to take on the most ferocious predators in the sea. The HC Stickbait is handcrafted, and both the insert and body are made with polyurethane material. The lure also features a heavy-duty wire through construction. This new lure measures 175mm long, weighs 120g and…

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    Rapala Xtreme 160 HDFFU

    When fishing offshore, anglers often like to troll between spots to maximise their chances of catching a feed, and now Rapala has come up with the perfect bait for this application. As we know, Rapala makes lures that perform well, and look absolutely fantastic, and the Xtreme 160 is no exception to that, and with the…

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    Berkley Snap Jigs

    An innovative take on a time-tested technique, the Berkley Snap Jigs deliver all of the fish-catching performance of an ice-jig, but with the ability to attach your favourite soft plastic. The Snap Jig can be fished both vertically over structure and for suspended fish in open water, or cast and retrieve for side-to-side and backward-and-forward dynamic darting action. This versatile…

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    Chasebaits Frill Seeker

    The new Frill Seeker is one of the latest lifelike creations from Chasebaits, and when you watch a video of it swimming you’ll know why it caused such a stir at the AFTA Trade Show. The Frill Seeker can be used as a surface wakebait or subsurface, diving to 1ft. Its fluid, lifelike movement comes from…

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    Lake Craft Sayori-S

    The Sayori-S mimics one of the world’s most common baitfish – the garfish. Not only is the Sayori-S the perfect shape, but it also swims with the perfect, natural ‘S-type’ motion, just like the gar that it’s imitating so well. This sinking lure can be used for shore casting or for casting and trolling from a…

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    Daiwa Duo Hydra 220

    Long and lean and designed as the ultimate sinking stickbait for large predators, the new Duo Rough Trail Hydra 220 is the lure to pack for your next offshore adventure. Slim-profiled and with a fixed weight in the tail to maximise casting performance and enhance its action, the Hydra 220 features a dynamic skipping action when…

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    Jackall Mega Pompadour

    Building on the success of the original Pompadour, Jackall has released the much-anticipated 120mm Mega Pompadour. The Mega Pompadour is aimed squarely at XOS freshwater fish such as Murray cod and big impoundment barra, and in a short time it has already gotten a number of 1m+ cod captures under its belt. This top-of-the-line crawler bait…

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