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    New Flutter Jig colours

    Black Magic’s Flutter Jigs are designed to create a fluttering effect when dropping and retrieving, and are built with high-quality components to ensure anglers are getting the most bang for their buck. Now Black Magic has introduced two new colours to the range that are sure to turn on the predatory instincts of many species. The…

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    Egi Oh Q Live colours

    The Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live series has eight new high-contrast colours added to its range. These incorporate UV and glow paint to create a unique contrast to the cloth and undertake. Like all Live jigs, they are fitted with the ‘warm jacket’ cloth which coverts light into heat. This capacity to hold a level of…

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    New Bullet colours

    Bullet Lures have become a favourite for many trout anglers in the form of the Bullet Minnow and the Five-O Minnow. These lures’ popularity has reached the point where users are now demanding more colour options, and Bullet Lures has done so with two new colours: pearl widow and black widow. These very distinctive patterns…

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    ZMan 3” TRD HogZ

    No one knows what crustacean or insect ZMan’s new creature bait is meant to imitate, but the TRD HogZ has already accounted for a stack of species in both the fresh and salt. Plenty of moving parts, in the form of large antennae and fine legs, create vibration and water movement, while the natural buoyancy of…

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    Obsession Gummy Baits

    Large spinnerbaits to target big Murray cod are a must have for serious native fish anglers. Australian made Obsession Spinnerbaits have plenty of options in their Gummy Bait range to meet the needs of these anglers. Available in 3/4oz, 1oz and 1 1/8oz and four blade configurations (single, double, quad and six blades on request), Gummy…

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    Hurricane Fat 37 Shallow Crank

    Hurricane Lures is continuing to expand its range of tournament tested quality lures, which are not only suitable for the tournament angler but the everyday angler as well. The new Fat 37 Shallow Crank is a shallow running lure with a fast, wide action, designed to draw attention from predators in a large area. It…

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    Codger Topwater

    Graham Saunders, the man behind Goulburn Lures, has expanded his Codger range into the topwater market with his Codger Topwater. Easy to use, these super strong lures have a super loud clacking and splashing action that will tempt even the most fussy Murray cod. Available in nine colours, they come equipped with double rear split rings and…

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    Super Lumo Snapper Snatcher

    Black Magic Snapper Snatcher flasher rigs have landed some serious fish over the years, and it’s not by luck. Australian anglers continue to swear by their quality, and constantly send Black Magic great fish photos and feedback. Now the range has been further improved with the exciting new super lumo colour. This new rig is tied…

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    DTD White Killer Oita

    The White Killer Oita is the latest innovative European squid jig to hit the Australian market. Manufactured by leading Croatian company DTD, this baby is taking the world by storm. Unlike any other product in the market, the defining difference is the White Killer cannot help but to be noticed by any lurking predators. Made with…

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    Samaki Vibelicious UV Squid

    Samaki Vibelicious brings a new colour to the lure market: UV Squid. This new pattern is all about the detail. It has long tentacles extending over the tail, and a soft spot and stripe details add the pearl underbody plus a very lifelike green eye. This colour has proven itself time and time again in field…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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